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Health & Beyond


Emotional Feddom Techniques


Holistic Healing

Health and Beyond is a welcoming space for all. Above all else, I am here to nurture your mind and assist you in your healing journey. 


I’m Ritika, an EFT, Kinesiology and Reiki practitioner.  I’m so grateful we connected and found one another. I believe our paths aligned for a reason. 


This is a space designed for you, to explore. Feel free to ask me any questions when you are ready. The first step of your healing journey has begun…

Healing Benefits

Although everyone is different, and each of us reacts in different ways to the healing
processes, Reiki, EFT and Kinesiology have been known to…

Reduce Stress

Reduce aches and pains

Boost immunity

Improve Sleep

Heal trauma

Balance your mind


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