About Ritika

Learning to become my true self…

Hello, my name is Ritika. I welcome you to my space and feel grateful to share my story with you.

From the outside my life looked a lot like a happy story. I grew up in a loving family, having the best childhood I could imagine, with parents who nurtured and cared for me endlessly. Life had a path for me, and I graciously followed, receiving each new chapter as a blessing. From meeting my husband, the man of my dreams to raising our two beautiful children. I am so lucky and couldn’t imagine anything better than this. I have so much to be grateful for in this life. I love cooking, painting, nature, and spending time with my family, they are my shining light. But even in these happiest of moments, there was always a grey cloud over me.

I had always thought this was what life felt like for everyone. The shadow of sadness that never seems to go away. Was something wrong with me? Did I need medication? Why wasn’t I ever truly happy? Like a ghost that followed me around, anxiety and depression found me in my teens and stuck with me for most of my life. I just didn’t have a label or a name for it, and I had no idea how to make it go away.

Being spiritual is my core balance, even from an early age I have always been curious. I have a big, empathetic heart and I love helping others. During my many phases of life, I tried reading self-help books, finding meditation and self-healing techniques, which led me on a path to studying counselling, of which I received a diploma in 2017. These learnings and techniques form a valuable part of my journey, which I am truly thankful for. They helped guide me to where I am today.

I stumbled upon Kinesiology and EFT by chance, this was my turning point. After my first session of Kinesiology, my life had already been changed forever, there was no going back. I discovered so much about myself and how my thinking patterns work. The subconscious brain holds so many memories and for me I had unprocessed trauma I needed to work through. The process and release of the emotions I had been subconsciously holding onto was enlightening. I decided to further pursue energy medicine and I can happily say, I’ve found my calling. Not just to overcome my own anxiety and darkness, but I now have the tools to help others too. From my family, my friends and the people around me to you.